All grooming appointments include:

  • Nail trim & file,
  • Cleaning ears
  • Expressing glands if necessary
  • We use high-quality products made for pets
  • Scheduling by appointment so pets do not have to stay all-day
  • Breeds that shed include de-shedding!
  • Bows, bandanas or feathers if desired

We include services most salons charge extra to perform!

Gordon’s Grooming does have additional charges for services that are needed due to infrequent grooming, including; de-matting, pre-clipping, and dogs we see less than four times a year.

Our Plymouth location is open Monday through Friday, our ours are from 7:30 until 5(or so) Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 7:30 until 6(or so) Monday and Wednesday.

Our Granger location is open Monday through Saturday and every other Sunday.


If you can’t find the day or time you wish to schedule please call the salon and we will assist you.  Cat grooming can NOT be scheduled online in our Granger location.  For cats, we need to assess what is in their best interest for scheduling days and times so please call 574-612-3524 to schedule cat grooming in our Granger Location.